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Portable Package Management

pkgsrc is a framework for building over 17,000 open source software packages. It is the native package manager on SmartOS, NetBSD, and Minix, and is portable across 23 different operating systems. Use one package manager across all of your systems!

Joyent provide binary packages for SmartOS/illumos, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Linux EL6-Based Packages

At present we produce just one set of EL6-compatible packages. They should be compatible across all EL6 distributions, such as RHEL, Oracle Linux, CentOS and Scientific Linux.

: Download, check, and install bootstrap kit to /usr/pkg.
$ curl -Os
$ sha1sum bootstrap-2014Q2-el6-x86_64.tar.gz
493e0071508064d1d1ea32956d2ede70f3c20c32   bootstrap-2014Q2-el6-x86_64.tar.gz
$ sudo tar -zxpf bootstrap-2014Q2-el6-x86_64.tar.gz -C /

: Add paths
$ PATH=/usr/pkg/sbin:/usr/pkg/bin:$PATH
$ MANPATH=/usr/pkg/man:$MANPATH

Post-Install Steps

Now that you're ready to go, here are some common commands you may want to run.

Use pkgin to install packages

pkgin is the front-end to the binary packages, and lets you search for, install, upgrade, and remove packages. It also provides some basic functionality for querying both local and remote packages. If you have used apt-get or yum you should find it to be very familiar.

Use pkg_* tools to manage packages

The underlying packaging tools are pkg_add, pkg_admin, pkg_create, pkg_delete, and pkg_info. If pkgin is equivalent to apt-get or yum, then these are the equivalent of dpkg or rpm. Here are some useful commands to get you started.

: Refresh the pkgin database with the latest version
$ sudo pkgin -y update

: Search for a package.  Regular expressions are supported.
$ pkgin search "^ffmpeg[0-9]$"
ffmpeg3-3.0.1   Decoding, encoding and streaming software (v3.x)
ffmpeg2-2.8.6   Decoding, encoding and streaming software (v2.x)
ffmpeg1-1.2.12  Decoding, encoding and streaming software (v1.x)

: Install a package without prompting
$ sudo pkgin -y install ffmpeg3

: List all available packages
$ pkgin avail

: Upgrade all out-of-date packages
$ sudo pkgin -y full-upgrade

: Remove a package
$ sudo pkgin -y remove ffmpeg2

: Automatically remove orphaned dependencies
$ sudo pkgin -y autoremove
: See what packages are installed.
$ pkg_info

: See what package a file belongs to.
$ pkg_info -Fe /usr/pkg/bin/node

: List the contents of a package.
$ pkg_info -qL nodejs

: Perform an audit of all currently installed packages.
$ sudo pkg_admin fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities
$ pkg_admin audit
Package jasper-1.900.1nb11 has a integer-overflow vulnerability, see
Package samba-3.6.25nb3 has a privilege-escalation vulnerability, see
Package tiff-4.0.6 has a arbitrary-memory-access vulnerability, see

: Create a binary package from some metadata files and package directory.
$ pkg_create -B build-info -c comment -d description -f packlist -I /usr/pkg -p files/ -U foo-1.0.tgz